Come On Eileen

The minute I laid eyes on these Eileen bangles by Amrita Singh, I was smitten – they are stunning. I get the feeling that there are so many stories hidden in these bangles: perhaps bought when visiting a bustling Indian market, or a luxury boutique in Thailand. Or maybe, an unexpected gift from a relative in Morocco, or a friend in Hawaii. In these bangles you will find all sorts of possibilities – there’s a story for every woman.
When I look at the gold and bright colours, my mind is taken to a hot place of paradise, where the air smells of sea salt and coconut, and exotic birds sing from the palm trees. I would wear my bangles all day on the beach, adding a touch of glamour to a bikini, kaftan and sandals, and I wouldn’t take them off all day – these bangles will easily work for evening too. Teamed with a silk maxi dress and surf-spray hair, the look would be natural, effortless and elegant.  
A trip to paradise isn’t on the cards right now, but these bangles definitely are.

Amrita Singh Eileen bangles, £63.35 available at Dia Boutique.

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