Coloured Denim

Coloured denim is taking centre stage this season, and this weather means it’s easy to wear bright colours without feeling like a paint bomb exploded on your mirror. The bright blue of the sky, sunny yellow of the sun and luscious green of the grass means your coloured denim and neon accessories won’t look OTT – they’ll look hot!
For those who want to invest in coloured denim, head straight to Rag & Bone, where you will find shorts and jeans in a variety of sweetie-shop colours. For those on a budget, these coral Matalan jeans will work the trend without breaking the bank. Team with a pretty top, nude shoes and a colourful bag – who cares if it clashes? That’s half the fun!

Top – Sainbury’s Tu
Jeans – Matalan
Shopper – Simply Be

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