Colour Me Happy

Aside from maxis, colour blocking is probably the most major of the spring/summer 2011 trends and is perfect for wearing on a hot summer’s day like today. Colour blocking is a hard one to carry off unless you’re six foot tall with legs like Bambi’s and a tan like Gisele’s (or unless you actually are Gisele), but it’s such fun that you shouldn’t let that put you off.
Colour is seductive. Colour lures you into summer with the belief that you too can nonchalantly swan around St Tropez in a tangerine tunic and fuchsia wedges topped off with banana earrings by Prada. Colour gives you hope when you live in bleak Britain, where this year we have been experiencing what I would argue as being the worst summer in over three years.
Colour should be embraced, whether you are Gisele or not. I for one won’t let my five-foot-five-self stop me – that’s why I have Pilot wedges and St Tropez (the bottled kind).

Skirt by Oasis, vest by Primark, wedges by Pilot, necklace by Past Times. Both nail polishes by Nails Inc (free gift in collaboration with Tesco and Fabulous magazine).

With thanks to Pilot and Past Times.


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