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Right now, I am obsessing over colour. (I’m a Gemini, so the latest obsession is liable to change at any given moment, but for now, brights have caught my eye). I usually wear black because my hourglass figure fits neatly into black without much of an argument. But, when I see colour, my eyes widen and my mouth drops and my purse comes out to buy whatever shade it is that has turned me green with envy. My wardrobe does actually contain a drop or two of colour (a cobalt skirt; raspberry suede platforms; a silk dress the colour of the Pacific) and I have splashes of colour at home (scarlet curtains; a teal vase; ) as well as at work (neon post-its count, right?). But it seems that for the most part, jewel colours pass me by like the treasure chests of ships in the night.
What is it that makes my obsession particularly intense? The current trend, that’s what. Colour was seen all over the SS11 runways and the collections were mouth-watering to say the least. Raf Simons at Jil Sander did that amazing pink maxi skirt (which we all want), while Lanvin‘s crimson dress was definitely a sight for sore winter eyes.
This season’s fascination with colour is long overdue. Julia Neel, Fashion Editor at UK, puts it perfectly: “It began on the Jil Sander catwalk last season, the colour revolution, the antidote to winter’s sobriety and last summer’s dulcet pastel tones. Sander’s shock of fuchsia’s, oranges, canary yellows, ultramarines and emerald greens made us want to immerse ourselves in the spectrum and take risks with colour again.”
We endured a long, freezing winter and finally, we’re stepping out of the dark and into the light. The clothes represent our spirits, and designers have amplified this by offering up a palette of acid yellow, kingfisher blue, cerise, citrusy orange, jade and tomato red to help us on our way to a brighter future.
Colour isn’t simply colour. Colour lifts the spirits: it’s an anti-depressant, a beauty to feast your eyes upon. Louise Roe, Fashion Journalist, says, “Wearing bright colour and print makes me feel far more happy and alive than when I wear black.”
The sight of a turquoise necklace, or a tangerine t-shirt, or indeed, a yellow banana Prada earring, instantly makes one smile. Colour feeds the soul and encourages us to feel – usually through some memory or other, perhaps of sparkling blue oceans or picnics in luscious green woodlands or of vermilion rooftops in Italy. Bright, attractive hues make us dreams of sunny days, tasty citrus fruits (often in a cocktail) and dazzling floral blooms, evoking memories of happy times, and such memories are good for the soul. So, if colour comes in the form of a purse/bag/shoe, not only is it beautiful and therapeutic, it’s practical too. What on earth could make me happier?


  1. xx home bird xx 16th May 2011 / 19:44

    I can’t get enough of colour at the moment either. The more it clashes the better. Your hot pink shoes in the previous post are to die for!

    Nicki x

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