Christmas, a season of dreamers

Christmas is a funny time of year, and I know that those reading this post will either love it or could do without it. It’s a season that brings out both happiness and sadness in people and, depending on your experiences in life, you may or may not feel good at this time of year – it can make us very emotional (myself included). For some, Christmas only accentuates their sadness: loved ones who are no longer here seem even more absent, sick family and friends struggle on, spending Christmas in hospitals when they should be happy at home, and too often we hear of tragic circumstances at a time that is meant for cherishing family and friends. Christmas is a time to reflect, and value life, and hold close the people you love.

Personally, I adore Christmas time. I realise I’m very lucky to be able to enjoy this time of year, and I hope that I always feel this way about Christmas. I’m like a big kid and get very excited by all the festivities – the twinkling lights create a magical dreamland in which I spend a good few weeks throughout December humming Christmas songs and frantically soaking up the atmosphere with as many Christmas themed activities as possible. These activities include wrapping up in my winter woollies for cold, crisp outings with the dog (the kind that you can see your breath puffing ahead of you as you walk), lunches with all the trimmings while I catch up with old friends, Bailey’s hot chocolates and mulled wine by the tree with Michael Buble’s Christmas album on repeat, and – of course – the parties. I see Christmastime, December, the holidays, as a time for walking through snow-dusted parks with a tree on our backs, the dog kicking up snow as he runs by our side, full of the excitement of life. Perhaps it’s naive of me, but if ever there was a time to dream a little, isn’t it now?

Of course, I love a good Christmas party too – all the cheesy songs, fizz on tap (preferably champagne but after one I’m not too fussy), and a dance floor that welcomes everyone of all ages and abilities. Naturally, I have a lot of fun getting ready for parties – I love putting on my eye make-up (a rarity these days), puffing up my hair, and choosing an outfit.

As soon as I saw this dress I wished I had grand plans for New Year’s Eve. But, in reality I much prefer a bottle of champagne and a good meal at home with le husband (and now with baby too), so I decided to shoot the dress for fun – let’s face it, pajamas don’t make for quite as dramatic a New Year’s Eve outfit. The dress is by Coast at Debenhams and it’s just gorgeous, rather Dior inspired, don’t you think? It’s glamorous and fun and feminine and everything that makes me clasp my hands together and squeal out loud with delight – a bit like Christmas itself, so I guess this dress sums it up perfectly: ever so special, but only to be enjoyed once a year.

I’m wearing: dress, Coast at Debenhams, which seems only to be available in stores now.

(Yes, I went a little crazy and took barefoot to the beach on a freezing Saturday morning in early December, just to get this dress in all her glory – no accessories, nothing but the girl, her dress, and some party balloons).

Location: Broughty Ferry beach.

Images: Kris Miller.

Balloons provided by Party Propz, a new party shop located on the High Street in Lochee, Dundee.


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  1. Shannon 21st December 2017 / 10:36

    These photos are absolutely beautiful! You definitely captured this dress in all its glory!

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