Christmas Wishlist: The Knomo Lola

Do you remember my post on the knomo iPhone purse? Well, now I’ve tried out their laptop bag, the Lola and I love it. If you are a lady on the go who likes to be organised without compromising on style, then you’ll love it too.
I tried out was the gorgeous Teaberry pink (to match the iPhone purse, natch) which has a vibrant purple quilted lining. The bag is a decent size – think oversize but not a weekender – and has a large pocket inside to slip your laptop into. It’s a snug fit so that there’s no chance of your laptop moving around, and the quilting gives extra padding so that other things won’t bash against your laptop. Inside are multiple pockets to store your phone, keys, pens, USB sticks, business cards, etc. On the outer side, there is a large flat pocket with zipper in which you can slot your iPad or notebook (as in, an old-school paper notebook) and another little zipped pocket for keeping smaller things easy to hand. It’s a lovely big bag that looks super stylish, but without the hazard of losing smaller items at the bottom of what can often become an endless pit of womanly goods. It’s Mary Poppins, in a totally cool way!
What I love about the knomo Lola is that the bag comes with an inner label that containts a unique ‘If Lost’ ID number stitched inside – so if you ever misplace your knomo, your ID number will help to reunite you!

The knomo Lola will make a great gift this Christmas. It retails at £295, comes in over five colours and is available to buy online.


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