I’ve been using Trinny London for over a year now – and I’m obsessed.

Last August, the Trinny London PR team sent me my first stack and a tube of BFF cream, which I reviewed in this blog post. I used my new make up sporadically for a few months and then, after having baby number two, started using it most mornings to give my face a bit of life in the fastest way possible. The more I used the products, the more I fell I love – and I now use Trinny London every day, almost exclusively.

I recently purchased a few new products (which I shared on my Instagram Story, receiving quite a bit of interest), so I thought it might be worthwhile writing an updated blog post which tells you more about how I feel about the brand and the products, as well as which products I would recommend to get you started. It seems lots of women I speak to are keen to try Trinny London but are also unsure of what to buy.


My thoughts on the Trinny London brand

I adore Trinny Woodall. She is relatable to most women despite being unlike most of us in that she is incredibly wealthy. She’s genuine, she’s effervescent, she’s straight talking and she’s hilarious! And she’s taken this feeling of being everyone’s best friend and put it into her brand Trinny London, firstly by being the face of it and secondly by creating a community of like-minded women who feel empowered by supporting one another. And, importantly, the product works.

The products

The products are cream based, and come in little pots that click together to create a stack. You can also buy empty T-pots to put your skincare or other favourite products into – I have one (gifted) in which I keep my foundation, and I’m considering buying another one for making my SPF on-the-go.

Trinny London’s tinted moisturiser is called BFF Cream and it comes in a tube. It seems that EVERYONE loves it except me. To be perfectly honest, I never really got to grips with it – I wanted to (it’s SPF30 and Trinny herself makes it look so good) but it just doesn’t work for me. Instead, I use a tiny spot of my favourite foundation (Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder in medium) before going in with Trinny London everything else.

I prefer a dewy, fresh finish so the cream based products work well for me. I am by no means a make up pro so the fact they’re cream makes them super easy to use – I mostly use my fingers, but I do use a brush for a slightly heavier, more flawless finish. (Did you hear Trinny is doing some stackable mini brushes? Scream!) Everything buffs really well into the skin so blending isn’t an issue, and this also means they’re build-able which  great if you need or want more coverage. It’s this quick way of applying make up in a really versatile way that appeals to me most.

The price point

Almost everyone I’ve spoken to who has not used Trinny London mentions the price to me, saying it’s expensive for the size of products. I disagree.

Each pot is priced somewhere from £16 up to around £26. Most are about £24. That’s not very different to the make up at Clinique, Urban Decay, MAC, Benefit… The Trinny London stack I was gifted last August is still in full use – I’ve used the Just A Touch and Lip2Cheek every day for almost a year and I’ve hardly made a dent in either. You know when the silvery base of your compact/eyeshadow appears and you know it’s just a matter weeks until you run out? Well, a year later and still no sign of the bottom of my Trinny London pots. And, most days, I reapply at least once to freshen up this tired face so we’re talking about these products being used frequently.

Admittedly, the outlay is pretty high to create a stack – I bought seven products last month and it cost me around £150. Wait! Don’t turn away just yet. That was seven – SEVEN – products (I spent over £150 so received a gorgeous free make up bag too) and I will use some pots more than others (for example, BFF eye and Just A Touch, whereas the eyeshadows and lip colours will be used less often) so my re-purchasing cost will be more staggered. Honestly, I find I’m using less product that I would if they came in tubes or sticks or bottles.

My top three to get your Trinny London stack started

1. BFF Eye (£26)

This is one of Trinny’s newer products. It’s a concealer/serum so works like skincare while covering up and reducing dark circles and redness. I use BFF Eye all around the eye area as a) I want the coverage thanks to baby Kittie who likes a 4am party and b) I want the benefits of the skincare system behind it (it contains hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamin C). BFF Eye can also be used to cover up other areas if it’s the only face product you have.

2. Lip2Cheek (£25)

This two-in-one is a no-brainer. I use Freddie, a rich pink-brown that works well on the cheeks with or without a tan. I haven’t worn it on my lips much. As a lip colour, I think Freddie lends itself more to an autumn/winter palette than spring/summer and before this summer I was not wearing lipstick at all. But, I did try a wash of Freddie on my eyelids and it’s super pretty – so, actually, Lip2Cheek is a three-in-one product! This is another great thing about Trinny London – just because it says it’s a cheek colour doesn’t mean it can only be used on the cheeks – they’ve developed the make up to truly work for you so that you can apply it wherever you want. Choose one of your Match2Me colours and a Lip2Cheek will be your lippy, your blusher and your eyeshadow (if you want it to be).

3. Eye2Eye (£18)

Available in 20 shades, Eye2Eye is a super easy eyeshadow. The cream base means you don’t get any dropping onto your under eye/cheeks and you need zero skill to be able to apply – simply use your finger, or a brush if you prefer. Mystery is my favourite for every day (a wash of neutral colour with a slight shimmer) and I am enjoying Universe (a black with shimmer) for nights out (as few as they are these days!) – it also works well as a smudgy liner.

Don’t be afraid to rely on the Match2Me system

Not sure which colours to choose? If you can’t get to a Trinny London counter, have faith in the Match2Me system online – I used it for the press samples last year and the matching was perfect, I have no hesitation in recommending Match2Me. It works.

(It’s also worth noting that the products are so versatile that I can go ‘up’ or ‘down’ a shade quite easily. For example, I use Just A Touch in Trinton but recently bought Amelia for my slightly tanned summer skin. Trinton will be back in my stack for winter. Likewise, I ordered BFF Eye in Reda but think I could use Mary in winter.)

In conclusion

Using Trinny London makes me feel fab, in so many ways. I love that Trinny London makes my mornings easier and faster and pretty – the products are a pleasure to use, it’s fun stacking and unstacking and creating different stacks for different occasions (the office, going out with the girls, holidays, etc). The make up is actually lovely and I feel good wearing it – not covered in make up but enhanced, a shinier version of me. Trinny London lights up the dullest of days (and my dullest of faces) and it’s a conversations starter – I love nothing more than pulling out my stack and the women next to me saying, “Oh, you love Trinny too!”. It’s fun to be part of this gang of women (and men) who are so passionate about something, even if it is ‘just’ make up. The #trinnytribe share tips and tricks on how to use the products and love sharing their photos, it’s a real community, and right now I am here for women supporting women, and skincare/makeup that actually works for me without me feeling suckered by marketing.


Find your perfect stack.

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