Beauty Busters: Wahl Spirolls Conical Heated Rollers

I was kindly sent a set of the Wahl Spirolls heated rollers to try out after expressing my difficult experiences with rollers of any sort. I love the idea of popping my rollers in and leaving them to set before shaking out the curls, leaving me with a bouncy barnett big enough to rival Sofia Loren’s! In reality, though, I can’t even get the blooming things in, and if I do manage to get a couple in, I’d have been quicker using my tongs.
So, the gorgeous Stella challenged me to road test the Wahl Spirolls. They arrived today and I was so excited to try them out. I washed and blow-dried my hair smooth and turned the rollers on. (Don’t worry, I read the instructions and there’s even a How-To DVD included). Spirolls come on a heated base; 12 large rollers and 6 medium. They heat up, but the ends stay cool so that you can wind the hair round before popping the flock (that’s the plastic grip) over the roller to keep the hair securely in place. Also, the rollers are cone shaped, which gives a more modern look, kind of like the Yogi Hair Wand does. Also, the definition and size of curl depends on how much hair you use for each roller as well as how tightly you roll them. (e.g. thicker amounts of hair gives looser curls; tighter rolls means tighter curls).
My first attempt at getting the Spirolls in was poor, and I immediately thought, “Surprise, surprise, another set of rollers that I can’t work.” But, I persevered and after a couple of tries I managed to get them all in – once I got a technique, I was good to go. My hair is fine (but there’s lots of it) and it just reaches below my shoulders, so I used all of the large rollers and 2 medium rollers. I left them to set for ten minutes and then unclasped the flocks to reveal ringlets. Not my scene, so I ran my fingers through them and shook the curls out for a fuller, softer look.
The curls did go quite soft fairly quickly but I have naturally curly hair which helped to maintain the curls – even after a twenty minute walk with the dog. I think women with straight hair might struggle to hold the curls without any product, so I would definitely recommend anyone using Spirolls to use plenty of hairspray before setting each roller, and I would advise leaving them in for 15 minutes if you can.

Overall, these are the best rollers (of any type) that I have ever used, and yes, I actually would use them again. The only downside is the weight of the rollers once they are clipped in – but for 10-15 minutes, I can cope. Any woman who desires curls or volume or a bit of oomph should invest in a set of Spirolls. I really like them, and I especially like that they make for an effortlessly polished look, kind of like the old-school Hollywood starlets of yesteryear. It’s all very retro and using Spirolls makes doing your own hair feel incredibly glamorous when and fun!
Wahl Spirolls Conical Heated Rollers are £49.99 and are available to buy online. Don’t be put off by the price – they’re worth it.
With thanks to Stella and Alison Jamieson PR Consultancy.

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