Beauty Busters: Toni & Guy Classic Hairspray

Toni & Guy’s Medium Hold Classic Hairspray smells amazing. That’s the best thing about it, the smell. I hate when you use a bit of hairspray and for the rest of the day, it overpowers everything else from your favourite perfume to the fragrant smell of your fresh coffee in the morning. I think there’s nothing worse than sitting beside someone on the bus or in a meeting (or whatever) and all you can smell is their hairspray which, annoyingly, out-does your £52 a bottle Black Orchid. How rude. Toni & Guy Classic Hairspray smells really, really nice but isn’t overwhelming – once it’s settled, it’s a very light scent and only at the quick turn of your head!
The product itself is good for people who like a very light texture; it has a flexible hold, isn’t sticky and doesn’t harden into your hair. If you’re looking for a hairspray to hold a style in place, you’d be better with something different because It’s a very natural hairspray and is good for giving a bit of body without a strict, firm hold.
Toni & Guy is brilliant for natural, soft hair that has a bit of oomph.


Above: Toni & Guy Classic Hairspray. Mmm, mmm. 


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