Beauty Busters: StriVectin

StriVectin is my new favourite skin product. The face scrub (blue label) I use twice a week and it is truly brilliant – it really buffs my skin and exfoliates the surface of my skin very well. Any signs of blemishes and spots are reduced when I use this scrub and it also smells really yummy, fresh and almost minty, but also a bit like a subtle aftershave that has lingered after a hug with a handsome man! This scrub preps the skin and smooths away dead skin cells and roughness in order to maximise the skin’s receptivity to the other StriVectin (or any other brand, really) products. The product formula has been engineered with NIA-144 which has been discovered in DNA skin cancer research to accelerate the rebuilding of skin layers, bringing those fresh new skin cells to the top of the skin, leaving a really clear, fresh skin.
The StriVectin overnight resurfacing serum (green label) I use once a week. I apply it before bed, avoiding the eyes, and in the morning I wake up looking healthy and glowing with what feels like and looks like slightly younger skin. Put simply, it makes me look and feel better. The serum has been formulated to gently reduce surface imperfections while you sleep, evening skin tone and colour while improving the skin’s overall appearance.
I get the feeling that StriVectin is a cult product range, but I hope my blog introduces it to some people who haven’t heard of it or tried it before, because it really is one of the best skin ranges I’ve ever tried.


StriVectin available from Space NK.

Scrub is £37, Serum is £51. But it is so worth it and will last you around 6 months if used sparingly.


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