Beauty Busters: Sleep-In Rollers

I love the idea of rollers, in the old-school, glamorous sense, so I’ve always wanted to use them as an every day styling tool. I’ve tried heated rollers, which were really great but actually left my hair a bit too soft (perfect if I actually did live in the Fifties), and I’ve tried velcro rollers, which tangled my hair, which I worried was damaging. So, when I heard about Sleep-In Rollers, I knew I had to try them! (Especially since they won an award at the Tatler Beauty Awards 2013/14).

Sleep-In Rollers have been on the go for a while now, and it seems that the entire female cast of TOWIE is sold on them – Amy Childs has done a glitter range for them, while Lydia Bright and Chloe Sims have both Tweeted photos of themselves with their Sleep-In Rollers – these girls seem pretty high maintenance, so I’m fairly sure they know the the good stuff when it comes to beauty products! 

The original Sleep-In Rollers are pink, but they also come in purple glitter (courtesy of Amy Childs) and leopard print, which are the ones I have. Now, these rollers are soft – super soft! The centre is foam, so they squish down against your head when you lay on them. I have to admit that, although the rollers are soft, I didn’t manage to sleep all night in them… even with 8-10 hours sleep a night, I’m sleep deprived, so a good night’s sleep is very important to me and I really do have to be comfy. I found the rollers fine for lying on, but not for getting quality beauty sleep. 
However… I did spend some time trying them out as rollers while doing the cleaning (yes, really). I blow dried my hair, parted it into sections and sprayed hairspray on my hair before wrapping my hair around the rollers. Sleep-In Rollers come with their very own drawstring bag and mini bag containing grips (as well as a demo disc), but I would recommend using your own quality grips to avoid snagging the hair. The grip slides easily between the foam and the roller fabric to secure and, thanks to the tiny wee velcro teeth, they stay put. I left my rollers in for just one hour and when I removed them, my hair fell into relaxed, bouncy curls with plenty of volume. I spritzed my hair all over with hairspray and ta-da – big, beautiful hair! I did need to oomph it a bit with my hands later on, but I think if you left the rollers in for a few hours (or overnight, as intended) then the volume would last that bit longer. A bit of backcombing wouldn’t go amiss for an evening look, but for every day use you don’t need too much height so the rollers alone would be great. My hair is quite fine and dry and it takes a bit of work to get shine (this is normal with any styling tool I’ve used), so if I was short for time I might just revert back to my tongs. However, because my hair is damaged, Sleep-In Rollers are perfect for everyday use, keeping the heated tools away from my hair but ensuring I don’t suffer from quite as many bad hair days! 
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sleep-In Rollers to everyone but I do think they are best for women with healthy, shoulder-length hair. The idea is genius and, when you spend time on setting them in the hair properly, the genius idea really works. Fun and fabulous!

Sleep-In Rollers, £24.99 for original gift set. You can also buy their own styling products.

I tried to hard to sleep in my rollers, but do much prefer to wear them while hoovering!
With thanks to Sleep-In Rollers

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