Beauty Busters: Rehab London

Rehab London kindly sent me a sample of their Scrub Up Daily Detox for men, so Mr Man has been enjoying this daily treat for the past few weeks. The scrub should be used every day to gently exfoliate away the impurities that life throws at you, including pollution, dirt, and general wear and tear! It prevents blackheads and ingrown hairs from shaving (men have bigger pores, and they produce more oil, so this scrub is specifically developed with this in mind) leaving your skin refreshed for the day ahead.
What I love about the Rehab London scrub is that the exfoliants are the natural volcanic sands of Tahiti and bamboo spiny medulla granules. It also contains an enzyme produced from pumpkin fruit to help gently clear the skin of dead skin cells and avoid that tight just washed feeling. I put some of the scrub on the back of my hand and it really does smell good, and you can actually see the grains of black sand in the gel.
The website claims that Scrub Up Daily Detox will leave your skin looking like its spent a month being buffed and polished without the six-figure spa fee, and I must say, Mr Man has looked particularly gorgeous lately.
He says of the scrub, “The scrubby stuff smells good and makes you feel properly clean (exfoliates too which feels a little weird but probably good!). The smell is really good and is very different, featuring sand from Tahiti. I would prefer if they save shipping costs and just send me to Tahiti though.”
What can I say? Other than the fact that £9.95 for a bottle of Tahitian sand is a hell of a lot cheaper than a daily trip to paradise island!

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