Beauty Busters: Nails Inc

I am a massive fan of the Nails Inc range, mostly for their coloured polishes. They have a huge selection of colours to choose from; you’ll find everything from black to bubblegum pink, from cobalt to sunny yellow, from shimmery grey to forest green. Whenever I’m looking for a specific colour, my first stop is always the Nails Inc web page to check out their latest season polishes along with all their staple colours. You will definitely find what you need.
So, when I asked if they had a colour that would suit a wedding (I’m well prepared!), they kindly sent me a selection of colours as “every bride should have a choice!” – and a choice they did send.
First up is Elizabeth Street, a sheer nude that will work well on its own or as part of a French manicure. It’s creamy and soft and delicate, and very elegant for any bride-to-be who wants her new sparklers to be centre of attention.
Above: Elizabeth Street, on ring finger.
Second, is Mayfair. Mayfair is a shimmering white, a colour that I would consider best for weddings abroad as will look amazing with a nice golden tan to complement the silvery sheen. I would also say this is best for a white dress as opposed to ivory, which would probably require something matte. So, if you’re getting married on a beach in a relaxed white dress, this is the Nails Inc colour for you.
Above: Mayfair on pinky finger.

Third (and my personal favourite) is Bruton Street. A dusky pink, this colour is romantic and girly and would suit an uber-feminine bride that is looking for her perfect day to be stylish right down to the smallest details such as manicures. This is the colour I have chosen for my bridesmaids to wear, and it’s a colour that I’m wearing right now on my toes…. so is an investment polish!
Above: Bruton Street, on middle finger.
Fourth in line is a Nails Inc classic, South Molton Street. This one is just right for any blushing bride who is having a no-fuss, small and relaxed wedding. It’s a sophisticated colour, one that will work with any colour or style of dress and will also suit all skin tones and hair colours. South Molton Street is named after the Nails Inc flagship store, in London’s West End, and is a classic – a total no-brainer for any bride.
Above: South Molton Street, on index finger.

Lastly (but by no means least) is Lowndes Square. This is a dark lavender with grey tones that I think is best for pedicures. It is a chic colour but without any sort of tan (either from a pre-wedding holiday or from a bottle), I think this could potentially be quite draining and so think that worn on toes would be best. Lowndes Square is a polish that might actually work better for a wedding guest or bridesmaids than for the bride herself.
Above: Lowndes Square, on thumb.
With thanks to Nails Inc for being so generous and kind with samples.

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