Beauty Busters: Nailgirls London #11

I was recently sent a sample of polish from Nailgirls London, and as a die-hard OPI/Nails Inc/Leighton Denny fan, I found myself making judgements before I’d even had a proper look at the colour, which turned out to be a sassy aubergine (number 11). On New Year’s Eve I decided to give it a bash; I fancied a dark, glamorous colour without going for the predictable black or rouge noir. So, I applied my base coat (I see this as the nail equivalent of taking your make-up off before bed) and opened my brand new bottle of Nailgirls. Immediately, I noticed a huge difference: the brush is a lot longer and a lot slimmer than the brushes I’m used to and this made the application a lot more precise and easy to get right to the edge of each nail (Mr Man regularly laughs at me for leaving millimetre strips of bare nail). Not only was the application easy because of the streamlined, lengthened brush, but the polish was a really nice consistency. This might have been because it was brand new, but I don’t remember any nail polish that has seemed quite so perfect in terms of the thickness of the polish: it’s thick enough to feel good quality, but thin enough not to gloop. Once applied, I finished with Leighton Denny Crystal Finish top coat (as always) and waited patiently for it to dry. 
The end result was perfect: a fun colour (but also neutral enough not to clash with anything too badly) which was simple and so easy to apply, and which lasted for three days before showing signs of chipping. (NB: Leighton Denny Crystal Finish is AMAZING – it’s so good that I even apply it immediately after a professional manicure/pedicure – so might have had something to do with the long lasting factor). 
Nailgirls London is defiintely one of my new favourites and with new colours every season, there’s always going to be an excuse to keep trying this young brand’s brilliant products. I suggest you give Nailgirls a go too!

Above: Nailgirls London in #11 – RRP £10.50.
Read all about Nailgirls London here – the brand is driven by fashion and trends, but uses nice, friendly ingredients that won’t harm your nails. Nailgirls London was set up by two sisters, one of which was a fashion editor and stylist in New York – home of the glossy mani/pedi!
With thanks to Nailgirls London.

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