Beauty Busters: M&S

This week, I’ve been road testing three different beauty products from Marks & Spencer, primarily the Autograph lip colour. I’ve also been using the Pur Pressed Mineral Make-Up (SPF15) and the Limited Collection Face and Body Bronzer. 

Lets start with the lippy, my favourite of the three and the leading product in my beauty look this week. The Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour looks really nice (simple black and white packaging) and is super easy to use. The case and lipstick looks like a fat pencil, which you twist the end of when you need more lipstick. You literally draw a line round your lips, and colour in! It’s that simple. The colour goes on well and stays put for a while – the good thing is that it fades naturally, so there is no risk of having a line round your mouth with no colour on your lips! When faded, the lipstick looks more like a tinted balm. The colour gradually comes away, leaving a light stain which is easily restored with another quick application, whether you are at your desk or at the pub. The texture is soft and feels full of moisture, which is great for anyone who suffers from chapped or dry lips. However, it also means that the colour tends to bleed a little (you can see this ever so slightly in the photos) so don’t apply too much colour at the lip line and, instead, focus the colour application to the fullest part of your lip. Overall, I think this is a brilliant product for every day use and as someone who never wears lip stick or gloss, I’m very tempted to continue using this product – although I might start off with a more natural shade! 

Next up is the mineral powder, which is soft and almost translucent, leaving skin smooth and bright. It doesn’t come with a brush or sponge, so you will have to purchase these separately, but once applied it does look good. It’s always the same trouble with foundation – finding a good colour match. Another great every day product and definitely a top contender for those who love and regularly use mineral powder and mineral foundations. 

Finally, the bronzer. It’s very, very subtle so will work nicely for people who might have steered clear of bronzers so far for fear of being Tangoed! It’s a good introduction to bronzing (price wise too) but if you like a fairly dark bronzer this might not be for you as it does require a bit of build up which can often result in colour looking dirty on the skin. I like this bronzer a lot and would recommend it to those who fancy a sunkissed look rather than a full on tanned look. 

So, to conclude my review this week, I would suggest you definitely try the Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour. If you’re a huge fan of trying new beauty products then check out the mineral make-up and the bronzer, both suited to more natural looks. The mineral powder is really light so is good for the summer months, while the bronzer is actually a good one for winter time – it gives a dusting of colour without being as heavy other “summer” bronzers. All in all, I think the M&S beauty hall deserves a round of applause for delivering modern, sophisticated and competitive products at high street prices. 


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