Beauty Busters: Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine

Y’all know how dry and frizzy my hair is, right? It’s naturally very curly, but not in a good way, not thick and healthy and luscious. So I spend most of my time tonging it to make it less crazy, which, in turn, frazzles it and makes the dry curliness even drier, especially at the back. Underneath is nice and healthy, but the top isn’t and it can actually get me down sometimes, as sad, pathetic and shallow as that might sound! (Aussie weren’t wrong when they emblazoned their bottles with the slogan “There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start!”). My general distress is actually the fault of my fabulous friends; each of my three best friends have a thick, glossy mane that grows super fast, and my friends Trina and Trudi have this amazing thick, dark, strong Italian hair that is TO DIE FOR. So I often have to check myself for wallowing in crap hair self pity – and head straight to the beauty counter!
I’m forever on a mission to find a miracle hair product because I’m constantly surrounded by these lucky friends with naturally gorgeous hair. Moroccanoil kindly sent me a bottle of the glimmer shine finishing spray oil, which comes with a spray cap. It’s basically just Moroccanoil (probably the light product as opposed to the original) – you can read my original review here – but it claims to attract and reflect the light to give a glossy finish. When It definitely achieved a glossier finish but there is a danger of going OTT, leaving hair looking a bit wet rather than shiny. There’s nothing worse than when you over do it with a hair oil and end up looking less chic and more chip pan! However, the spray cap controls how much product goes on to the hair and I found that spraying the oil a good few inches away from my hair gave better results. A good tip from Moroccanoil is to spritz some Glimmer Shine on to your hairbrush and run through your hair to avoid static or chip-pan-head.
This is a really handy product for travelling with this summer as it protects against sun, saltwater and chlorine. I took mine to France and it really was so easy to carry around in my beach/pool bag and spritz on every now and then. The handy spray cap (I really love the spray cap!) means you don’t get oily hands (read as oily everything else) and you can apply it at almost any time, anywhere. All you need is one quick spritz to tame flyaways or give shine to your hair during the day, but by doing a good few sprays at the pool or overnight, you can wear it as a hair mask too. It’s a great all-round product but I have to be honest – it’s the spray cap that makes it so brilliant. 


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