Beauty Busters: Miller Harris Figue Amere

I’m cheating on Tom Ford… with Miller Harris.

All my friends know that I only ever wear Tom Ford’s original scent, Black Orchid. I’ve worn it since the release date (2006) and, despite a couple of “I forgot my perfume, can I wear yours?” moments, I’ve never worn anything else in the past eight years. 
Until last month.
Sometime in July, the precious last drops in the chic black and gold bottle of Black Orchid had gone. I knew I had to replace it as a matter of urgency (I really don’t have any other perfume at home/in my bag/at work) but before I could make it to Debenhams in Dundee, I found myself in a boutique called Mohair in Broughty Ferry. It was the beginning of questioning my eight year relationship with Tom Ford. 

Mohair’s founder, Mhairi explained that she had 20% off Miller Harris. Surely, everyone knows all about Miller Harris candles (to die for) but it seems fewer people are aware of the fragrance range, myself included. I knew of them, but had never smelled them and this discount-induced first introduction had my heart racing in seconds. I ran through the different scents and immediately the Figue Amere stood out. Masculine, but soft; heady, but fresh; sophisticated, but sexy. Miller Harris was on my mind for weeks. I still hadn’t gone to get Tom Ford. Three weeks later, I returned to Mohair and actually took a bite of the apple – I spritzed myself in Miller Harris. I went away. The dust, and the fragrance, settled and within a few short hours I was infatuated and that same fateful day in early August, I took the plunge – I took Figue Amere home and have been enjoying it every day since. 

Is the end of my long term relationship with Tom Ford’s Black Orchid? I hope not; my current obssession with Miller Harris Figue Amere could just be a fleeting love affair, a fascination with the new. 

Me, Tom Ford and Miller Harris. Would it be terribly wrong to have them both?

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