Beauty Busters: Lush Lovely Jubblies

Following a request on the Lush forum, the eco-friendly cosmetics company decided to develop a breast firming cream because their customers were using the neck cream on their boobs too. Lovely Jubblies was developed, using firming ingredients such as tiger lilies and meadowsweet herb (as recommended by a medicinal herbalist) along with cocoa butter, oils from almond, jojoba, avacado and evening primrose, as well as beeswax to ensure maximum moisturisation! The cream also contains orange blossom honey, fresh rose, jasmine, lemongrass oil and ylang ylang to create a pleasant but strong scent that (once settled) doesn’t interfere with your chosen fragrance or body moisturiser.
I’ve been using the cream regularly for around two months now and it definitely makes a difference to the breast tissue; it tightens, lifts and moisturises. I tend to shower, moisturise, then massage Lovely Jubblies into my lovely jubblies and then wait a few seconds for it to absorb before putting my bra on. I don’t even need to worry about which bra, because Lovely Jubblies has never left a stain or grubby mark on my underwear. I feel buoyant throughout the day (!) and when my boobs are removed from the safety of my Freya bra, they are at their most perky (not always the case without my Lovely Jubblies!) and feel firm.
This cream is really some kinda wonderful. I do believe it works because my boobs are the ultimate test because they’re ample! Lovely Jubblies does actually make a difference. Since receiving my sample, I’ve bought my own tub of Lovely Jubblies and it will most definitely remain a staple in my ever increasing beauty regime. Thanks Lush!

Above: Lovely Jubblies by Lush is £15 for 100g. That’s cheaper than a boob job/lift!
ps. No before and after pics, as obviously, that might make this a different kind of blog!


  1. Alex 25th November 2011 / 20:42

    Great – I didn’t know this product existed. I have to try it. Xx

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