Beauty Busters: Lierac Paris Bust Lift Spray Tenseur

The décolleté is one of those areas that needs religious TLC, especially for ladies who have been blessed with a fuller bust and for those who enjoy the sun. Gentle exfoliation, sun block and moisturising is all very well, but the neck and chest area does need a little extra attention in order to retain elasticity and maintain smooth, clear skin.
No one wants to look in the mirror as they approach thirty, to find a wobbly neck atop a crêpey, saggy chest with lines and folds that quietly but rapidly appear after a decade of sleeping, sunbathing and generally getting older. The only way to avoid premature aging of the décolleté is to take care of it and spoil it with pampering treats that contain stimulating ingredients.
Recently, I’ve been using Bust Lift Spray Tenseur by Lierac Paris. This spray-on product really does feel like it tightens my skin. Each morning I spray a good amount straight onto my décolleté and bust and massage in before getting dressed. I must admit, the iridescent pearly particles leave my skin glowing, but it’s not just a beautifying product – it really feel as though it lifts and tones the delicate skin. The spray is enriched with wheat biopolymers that instantly weave a coating meshwork to help strengthen bust support by stimulating the skin tonicity (yes, that’s the product description, but believe me – the description fits).
Clinical tests prove that this product immediately smoothes the skin and gives radiance, while giving a better toned bust and providing a ‘lifting’ action.
I do really like this product and I feel as though it’s taking care of my décolleté and bust, with only a quick spray and massage either every day, or a couple of times a week. It’s easy to use, easy to apply and isn’t a product that promises miracles without performing well and giving positive results. The only thing I don’t like so much is that the spray feels slightly tacky and sticky on my skin – but if this is what perks up my bosoms, then it’s a small price to pay!


Lierac Paris Bust Lift Spray Tensuer, around £25.00.


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