Beauty Busters: HD Brows at Zen Lifestyle

Last weekend, I went to Zen Lifestyle in Edinburgh to see Ellie – my eyebrows were in desperate need of help! Having your brows tinted and shaped does wonders for your face – just look at Arizona Muse, Jennifer Connolly, et al. For me, the obvious place to go for some serious brow rescuing was Zen.
My appointment was at the Hanover Street salon (located just off George Street) as it’s so handy for the city centre. I love the salon for a few reasons, but primarily because a) the surrounds are very fitting with the name of the salon – the clean, white furnishings are very zen, with stylish accents of mirroring, metallics and sleek black; and b) because the staff are amazing – they’re friendly, warm and completely professional. The staff are trained thoroughly and it is clear that they love their jobs because they know their stuff. I hate getting a treatment done where your therapist talks to you as though she’s your best friend, not your beauty therapist. I much prefer a friendly professional who gives sincere and well-informed advice – this is what you get when you visit Zen.

So, Ellie took me to the brow bar and talked me through the seven steps of HD Brows. The treatment starts with a consultation so that your therapist knows exactly what you want from your eyebrows, while the rest of the treatment involves tinting the brow hairs, waxing, threading and plucking. Also, there is a lot of grooming – combing and brushing to control unruly browns, and pencilling for any gaps you might have. Of course, the therapist’s expert job of finding the right shape and colour of brow for the client’s face is a major task in itself and this is such an important part because trusting your therapist to do a good job can be daunting. You need not worry at Zen. 
Ellie did a wonderful job. The tint was a bit dark to begin with, but the next day (pic below) the colour was perfect – it just takes a couple of days for the tint to soften, as it would do with your hair. The shape was exactly what I’d hoped for – not as defined as the infamous Scouse Brow, but thick enough to frame my face. I’d specifically asked Ellie not to take the brows too thin or too short; she listened to me and worked her expertise into my request to produce a brow that I absolutely love. What more can you ask for?

With thanks to Zen Lifestyle and Alison Jameson Consultants.



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