Beauty Busters: Fake Bake Spray Tan at The Greenroom

I have to tell you – I look lovely and brown just now! Yep, it’s the middle of November but I’m glowing! Why? I had my first ever spray tan!

Y’all know I’m a huge fan of Fake Bake (I use the original lotion religiously in the summertime and my dedication continues throughout the winter months with the mousse) however, despite having tried every tanning product by Fake Bake, I’ve never had it applied by the professionals. That’s right, Daydreamers – I’ve never had a spray tan! Until now.

On Sunday, I went along to luxury beauty salon, The Greenroom, in South Tay Street, Dundee. The Greenroom is my favourite place for all things beauty related, whether it’s a hot stone massage or a mani/pedi package. The staff there are total professionals but maintain a high level of friendliness – just the right amount of each. I’m not keen on therapists who are overly friendly and, in turn, lose focus, but equally, I’m put off by those who won’t crack a smile. They’re kinda scary. Especially if your treatment requires you to strip.

Anyway, The Greenroom’s customer service is second to none and the therapists really are excellent at what they do, so I knew I would be in safe hands for my first spray tan. I have no hesitation in suggesting that, with the plush surroundings and brilliant therapists, The Greenroom is the best beauty salon in Dundee. I arrived at the salon (it’s all old school Hollywood glamour; think naked lightbulbs around mirrors, old cameras and black and white wallpaper featuring images of Marilyn Monroe) to be greeted by salon owner, Zoe Linton. (It’s totally irrelevant, but she’s so pretty! In fact, everyone at The Greenroom is!).
Zoe explained the entire process for me before leaving the room so I could change into THE most tiny paper pants and what can only be described as a shower cap. I did so, stepped on to my “sticky feet” (they protect the soles of your feet from the tan) and stood, clutching my boobs until Zoe returned. She made no big deal of the fact I was standing in the buff and simply told me to mirror her positions while she sprayed me all over with Fake Bake 60 Minutes tan. It was cold on the skin but this made me feel skinny, so it was totally fine. I rotated like a chicken so that Zoe could make sure I had no white bits and, ten minutes later, I was a bronzed goddess! (In paper pants). Zoe then left me to get dressed in my dark, loose clothes while I marvelled at the fact I smelled so good – like coconuts! Or holidays, or pina coladas. Or anything yummy. I’m used to fake tan smelling bad, so this was a novelty and made the next few hours much more pleasant, for both me and Mr Man.

The tanning booth and sticky feet!
After I was dressed, Zoe explained that the tan was a rapid development tan and that I could leave it on for one, two, or three hours depending on how dark I wanted to be. I decided to go a happy medium so tried two hours, which left me looking pretty tanned. I think in the summer I’d gladly leave it on for the full three hours! After I showered, I was really pleased with the colour and even more pleased with the application – I know it’s just an illusion, but I felt more streamlined – almost airbrushed – afterwards. When I went in to the office on Monday morning, everyone said how healthy and well I looked, which was nice after a month of feeling grey. The colour really is natural; it’s now Tuesday and I still look brown all over, no streaks, no patches. I should get another few days out of the tan but will start to moisturise again today to ensure the tan stays even and smooth. (I’ll Tweet later this week to let you know how I’m getting on).

All in all, I’m still a die-hard Fake Bake fan. If it’s possible, I’m an even bigger fan! I adore the colour and the way the tan looks on my skin, but I do think that it’s worthwhile using a premium brand such as Fake Bake, in a premium salon like The Greenroom – I think my experience has been so good thanks to the amazing product and the amazing therapist. I’m totally converted and, although I think there’s a place in every girl’s beauty cupboard for at-home tanning products, the Fake Bake spray tan is much easier than fussing around at home like a penguin with a dodgy leg!

 My bronzed leg! 
Zoe expertly faded the tan out towards the sides of the feet to give a more natural effect.

Fake Bake 60 Minute Rapid Development Tan at The Greenroom: £25 for full body, £15 for half body.


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