Beauty Busters: Fake Bake Original Lotion and Mousse

I am such a sucker for a bit of fake tan. I mostly use Fake Bake products because they have a very natural colour (more brown, less orange) and although it doesn’t smell great, Fake Bake products come with gloves and a colour-guide staining agent so you can see where you need to blend, e.g. pesky elbows/knees/ankles. In summer, I’ll use the Fake Bake Original Lotion for a deep tan, which works brilliantly on already sun-kissed skin. However, on unexpectedly hot days – which are few and far between in Scotland – I use a different brand’s instant tan to complement a beige linen shirt dress with tan wedges and gold accessories (safari style is always in a winner in summer). I also bronze, bronze, bronze with Nars Laguna.
However, when the winter months arrive, I still like to have a bit of colour because quite frankly, my skin goes a ghastly shade of death which is never a good look (well, maybe on Edward Cullen, but that’s an exception to the rule). So, when the days become shorter I turn to my Fake Bake Mousse, which is a much lighter consistency than the Lotion and gives a really nice tint to the skin. It really just takes away the translucency of my skin and gives a bit of life to pale limbs. Building the Mousse up over a couple of applications will give a deeper tan, but it remains a very light, natural colour rather than looking obviously tanned.
Daydreamers, it’s almost the weekend; I’m off to Fake Bake.
Fake Bake Mousse (left) and Original Lotion (right), plus application gloves. Around £25.
With thanks to Fake Bake.



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