Beauty Busters: Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse

 You guys know about my Daydreamer brunches which took place in Glasgow and Edinburgh, which were basically an opportunity to spoil some bloggers and get to know them and their blogs a bit better. The events were in association with Debenhams who, as always, provided ace cakes goody bags for the guests. As a Fake Bake fan, I was delighted to discover that the mega-brand’s latest tanning product was inside our goody bags.

So, I thought it would be a good product to review, especially at this time of year when there is so much going on – with all the lunches, parties, drinks and dinners at this time of year, we all want to look our very best and, for many, that includes a bit of healthy colour despite the ghastly weather! Enter, Fake Bake!
In summer I use the original lotion (or get a spray tan at The Greenroom), while in winter I want a more subtle tan so I go for the lighter mousse. When I learned about the five minute mousse, I was super excited to try it out. 
Fake Bake tanning products always have an amazing colour guide so that you can see where you’ve applied (or not applied) the tan. The 5 Minute Mousse isn’t too dark, because it’s intended to be “ready to go” – you apply the tan and head on out the door, so you don’t want to look like you forgot to wash your colour guide off. This subtle colour guide means that there’s no colour transfer onto your clothes (which isn’t the case with the other products), so you really can just apply the tan and get dressed. However, because the colour guide isn’t very dark, initially the tan isn’t very dark – if you want a darker colour, you really need to go heavy on the application or do a second or third application. I did find that the colour developed over time though (not as dramatically as the original products), but enough to see a change in hue. 
I lightly applied the tan to my legs and arms and it took five minutes. If you were to do a heavier or second application all over the body, this tan wouldn’t take the five minutes to apply, unless you’re okay with just rubbing it on like a moisturiser (always a risky business in self tanning). The key to achieving the five minute application is preparation – exfoliate and moisturise regularly and your skin will be prepped for an easy application, which in turn means a quicker application. I would also recommend using gloves which helps the product to go on smoothly, whereas a mitt soaks up a lot of the mousse formula and you might find you want to apply more – again, you’ll spend more than five minutes by applying more product.
That said, this is the perfect tan for any last minute events. The colour is really nice – not too dark and so it looks natural. It takes away that deathly glow we tend to get living in Scotland (unless you’re lucky enough to have a holiday four times a year!) and brings your skin to life without looking obviously fake-tanned. I would highly recommend this product to any fake tan lovers but would suggest you allocate ten minutes for a full body application, although it could be done in five by die-hard, experienced tanners!
Overall, a quick and easy way to achieve a subtle tan A-SAP.
Fake Bake’s 5 Minute Mousse, £19.99.  
It’s definitely worth investing in a premium fake tan, so don’t be put off by the price tag.


  1. ella 4th January 2016 / 00:00


    Does this leave a tan behind when you wash it off? or is it just an instant tan?


    • Christina Miller
      27th July 2016 / 12:00

      Yes, it leaves a light natural tan when you wash it off. 🙂

  2. Karen 24th July 2016 / 20:54

    This is the worst tan I’ve ever used. The mousse flys all over the place when you try to apply it with the gloves or a mitt. And very little colour developed even after numerous daily applications.

    • Christina Miller
      27th July 2016 / 12:00

      Hi Karen,
      I love this tan! Yes, you have to be careful with the mousse, but I love the light natural colour – I use the original for when I want a really dark tan, have you tried it?
      Thanks for sharing!
      C x

  3. Tracy kelly 7th August 2016 / 08:57

    Dreadful product really disappointed with fake bake as i love their products. This comes out like hair mousse or more accurately DIY expanding foam which flies all over the room leaving permanent brown patcheson the carpet/tiles/walls. Difficult to rub in as you are trying to pat down the puffs of foam. The colour is okay, smells like fake tan, feels greasy, barely leaves a light colour on wash off. Would never buy again…..

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