Beauty Busters: Eco Tools

When applying foundation, using a foundation brush can give a very airbrushed look. This can be both good and bad: too much foundation and you look fake because your face is caked in make-up, whereas if you get it right, your skin will look clear and perfect.
To get the perfect airbrushed look, start by dabbing the brush in just a tiny amount of foundation, on the tip of the brush, and apply down the sides of the nose and out over the cheeks and face. Foundation should be focussed in the centre of the face, blending outwards gently so that you don’t have the dreaded foundation tide mark. Continue slowly building up the foundation, but stop once you have enough coverage (you should still be able to see your skin through the make up). A good way to avoid heaving application is to mix your foundation with moisturiser, or to ensure you apply foundation immediately after moisturising.
I recently received a foundation brush from Eco Tools, a company that is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly make up tools and accessories. Eco Tools is a member of 1% for Planet, an initiative that means each member gives back 1% of sales annually to environmental causes. EcoTools’ annual donation goes to both EarthShare and Wildlife Alliance.
My friend Karen was in need of a new foundation brush, so in exchange for the sample she agreed to review the brush for The Daydreamer’s Beauty Busters page. She says, “This Bamboo foundation brush was exactly what I was looking for, the soft bristles of the brush are light and smooth on the skin so don’t cause any irritation or cause any redness or dryness. The brush is a perfect size for blending foundation, giving an even and seamless finish.”
With such a great review and an admirable environmental ethos (a quality that not many beauty companies can claim to have), there’s every reason to start shopping at Eco Tools for all your make up tools and accessories. You can find their website here.

Keep make-up brushes clean by washing in warm water with baby shampoo. Don’t blow dry them, as my friend Michelle discovered – the brushes singe when she dried them with the hairdryer! Instead, treat them nicely – leave them to dry naturally.
With thanks to Karen and Eco Tools.

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