Beauty Busters: Daniel Galvin Junior

I have quite dry hair, because naturally it’s very curly and I do not appreciate this – I straighten it and tong it and virtually do anything to tame it. Hence, regular blow drying and heated styling leaves my hair quite damaged. I use conditioning products, and have tried all sorts of masks by luxury brands, to no avail. Until I tried Daniel Galvin Junior’s Organic Hangover Hair Repair. This product really is food for the hair, and I know when I have a hangover all I want to do is eat!
Let’s set the scene – you’re out enjoying a glass of champagne, which turns into two glasses before indulging in a bellini or a cosmo and before you know it, shots of Amaretto are passing your lips and twelve hours later boom! The hangover commences. Well, it’s the same for your hair; blow dry, straighteners/tongs/rollers, teasing and backcombing and up and down and grips and tugs, all the while your hair is being affected by the sun and pollution, etc. After a while, your hair will have a hangover too, and that’s where Hangover Hair Repair steps in.
The bottle claims to “restore and hydrate tired and stressed hair while leaving it silky and glossy” and as someone who uses this intensive 2 in 1 condition and gloss treatment, I can confirm these claims to be true! After using the product, my hair does look and feel a whole lot better. Usually, I use Hangover Hair Repair once a week as a mask, twice if things are particularly bad! You can also use it as a regular conditioner, or as an intensive treatment by applying to hair and wrapping in a hot towel for 20 minutes. You can also use this in the steam room, if you’re that way inclined.
I receive lots of samples from generous companies for me to review, and if I’m honest, there aren’t many that I will actually go out and buy after sampling, however, Daniel Galvin Junior Organic Hangover Hair Repair is a must-have bathroom product which I will buy again and again. And at only £3.49 a bottle, why not?

All Daniel Galvin Junior products are plant derived natural ingredients enhanced with organic essential oils or extracts and they don’t contain any harsh chemicals (which is good news for your hair).


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