Beauty Busters: Clarins Eclat Du Jour

Clarins are renowned for their luxurious yet affordable beauty products, and the latest collection maintains the brand’s reputation.
I tried three products from the Eclat Du Jour collection – I’m definitely not a morning person so I was thrilled to learn of the re-engergising products.

The first product is the Daily Energizer. It’s a foaming gel cleanser which claims to remove all traces of make-up. You need water to lather this one up into a re-energising frenzy, so I found it easiest to use while in the shower, which means I used it more as a cleanser rather than a make-up remover. However, it is pretty good at taking off face make-up, although it seemed to find mascara a bit tougher to remove. But I reckon that only wipes or eye make-up removers do this job properly, so no points lost there. The smell is lovely and the texture is silky soft. A great every day cleansing product, whether you need re-energising or not!

Next, I tried the Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster – this was the product I was most looking forward to trying as I desperately need a coffee in the mornings to wake up properly and was hoping this might reduce my caffeine intake! (Although it contains green coffee extract as the re-energising ingredient!)
I really like this product; it feels fresh and, funnily enough, re-energising on the skin! I used it after showering, before moisturising and applied with a cotton pad. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs a bit more than soap and water to feel refreshed! I will certainly be making this a staple in my bathroom cabinet, mostly because it feels invigorating without feeling harsh on the skin.

Lastly, I sampled the Daily Energizer Cream. The texture is very luxurious – thick enough for good coverage but light and smooth when applied to the face. It’s not as refreshing as the other products, but then, a face cream is to moisturise, to soak into the skin and feed it, rather than perk it up. It’s a good moisturiser, a good daily cream. I might be more inclined to use as a night cream, but that’s just down to personal choice as mostly I use an SPF as a daily moisturiser.

Overall, I like the Eclat Du Jour products. The one I’d go back to would definitely be the Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster as it’s definitely the one that I feel is missing from my current beauty routine, and I haven’t yet found anything that works quite like it. The best part is that really does boost my skin and wakens me up a bit, but without drying the skin out or feeling harsh.

With thanks to Clarins.
Eclat Du Jour collection is available at Clarins counters nationwide.


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