Beauty Busters: Champneys Pure Relaxation Aromatic Bath Essence

Sometimes, we all get completely fed up of life’s everyday routine; pressures at work (worse than ever with the current economic climate), difficult financial issues (ditto), relationship problems, family struggles and the exhaustion from trying to keep fit can all play a part in making us feel run down. When you get to the point where things seem a little bit too much, I believe it’s really important to enjoy some “me time”. It’s important to invest at least an hour a week where you simply read a book, watch a trashy TV show, see your friends, paint your nails or go for a long walk to release the stress of every day life. Or, in my case, have a hot bath complete with Champneys Pure Relaxation Aromatic Bath Essence. 
Champneys is renowned for being the go-to brand for relaxing, indulgent products that reinvigorate, refresh and pamper. (Even better if you can escape to one of the spas). Making time for yourself is something that can prove difficult for a number of reasons but we really should prioritise our wellbeing over washing the towels or reading emails; if your mind and body aren’t well, you’ll soon find that the smallest of tasks can seem impossible.
I love to fill my bath with hot water, pour in some Champneys Bath Essence and listen to the force of the water while it churns the Bath Essence into a froth of bubbles. The bubbles release a fragrance that that makes me feel so relaxed, to the point of sleepiness! I like to light some candles, climb in the tub, and read my book for twenty minutes. It might not seem like much, but it makes a huge difference when I’m feeling blue.
Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without the Champneys.

Above: Champneys Pure Relaxation Aromatic Bath Essence; my lovely, frothy bath and a beautiful orchid that somehow reminds me that it’s ok to slow down once in a while.

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