Beauty Busters: Burberry

This week, I’m reviewing Burberry’s Lip Mist in No.209 – Feather Pink. Burberry introduced their cosmetics line just over a year ago and one thing I love is the packaging; shiny, gunmetal cases embossed with the signature Burberry check print. The eyeshadows come with velvet slips while the lippy has a magnetic closure.
The colour is a rose pink, dusky and natural. It’s a great pink for spring or autumn because it’s a really neutral tone, the same sort of tone that is so often seen throughout the Burberry collections (earth browns, forest greens, rusty reds, midnight blues, cloudy greys). I think the colour would suit most skin tones because the pink has a slightly peachy tone rather than red. 
The texture of the lipstick is what I like the most about the Lip Mist; very light, very smooth. It goes on slightly shiny, but not like a gloss – more like a lip balm, which is great because it moisturises too, because it contains moisturising emollients and wild rose extract. I think the slight sheen gives it a youthful, modern edge rather than if it had been matte.
I’m not really a fan of lipstick or lipgloss, but if I were to wear one it’d be the Burberry Lip Mist. It feels more like a tinted balm, but the packaging and quality of the product makes it much more of a treat for your lips.



Above: Burberry Lip Mist in No. 209 Feather Pink. £22.50 available at Burberry.

Please excuse how tired I look! I’ve not been feeling too great the last couple days…sympathy most welcome.


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