Beauty Busters: Bravura Volcanic Mud Cleanser

I was recently sent a sample of Bravura London‘s Volcanic Mud Cleanser to review on The Daydreamer. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the product packaging; while most cleansers come in tubes or plastic bottles, Bravura’s mud cleanser comes in a silver tin, giving it a real sense of individuality and, aesthetically, this helps it to stand out against other products on the market. You can buy a Bravura pump (for just 84p) which I would recommend, because it keeps everything nice and clean as there’s no product build-up around the nozzle. Additionally, the pump acts as a handy guide – just one pump gives enough cleanser for each application, two if you are using the cleanser as a mask. Just one pump a day means the product will last a good couple of months too.
The cleanser can be used daily by all skin types (it’s gentle, non-irritating skin helps people with spots as well as people whose main concern is anti-aging) as your every day cleanser or it can also be used as a 10-minute mask twice a week. I’ve been using the Volcanic Mud Cleanser (great name, huh?) for a couple of weeks now and I’ve found it to be a good cleanser which feels nice on the skin and refreshing without being predictably minty or zesty. Despite the cleanser sitting on the window sill for two weeks, I don’t think Mr Man has tried it, but I would recommend this product to both men and women: it’s a brilliant cleanser for couples to keep in the bathroom for shared daily use, something that can easily be developed into your morning routine. Just squirt a pump of the light brown (that’ll be the volcanic mud part) cleanser into your palm and apply to your face before stepping into the shower to rinse. Easy! If you prefer to cleanse and tone at night, simply apply Bravura’s cleanser before bed and use a flannel or cotton pad to remove before moisturising. Quick and easy, simple and non-fussy.
The Volcanic Mud Cleanser is an easy-to-use product, which will suit most skin types. It’s a bathroom staple that, with its blend of natural active botanical extracts, is good for both men and women with all sorts of skin types. At just £9 for 100ml, it’s one of life’s little luxuries that you can afford to enjoy every day.

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