Beauty Busters: Benefit Brow Zings and BADgal Lash Mascara

If our facial features were entering a popularity contest, hen  the eyes have it; lashes and brows have become obvious, dramatic and perfect.
It all started with Girls Aloud and their penchant for a fake lash. (They quickly tapped into the market with their own false lash range). Then Arizona Muse came along with her eyebrow homage to Brooke Sheilds and the beauty (and fashion) world was smitten.
I for one love long lashes, and I also love a thick, heavy, groomed brow. My all-time favourite lash girl has to be Jennifer Lopez, who looks as though she wears the individual false lashes – her lashes always looks amazing, but not OTT. Fluttery, but natural. And my favourite brow girl? I think I must confess that it is Chloe Sims from The Only Way Is Essex! I’m not entirely sure why – I think it’s because her brows are so out there and so incredibly obvious. I can’t stop staring. Perhaps this isn’t a good thing, but I am rather fascinated!
I have dark hair, but my lashes and brows are actually quite fair. To help me with my new beauty obsession, Benefit kindly sent me some Brow Zings and BADgal Lash Mascara. I used these with my Benefit High Brow pencil to highlight the brow bone, and Erase Paste for covering dark circles. I’ve used both products for years and they are an important part of my daily make-up routine.
Back to Brow Zings and BADgal. Brow Zings has a dark brown wax (on the left) and you apply this with the tiny angled brush supplied. Then you should fill in gaps with the paler brown powder (on the right), applied with the soft brush, equally as tiny. I personally only use the wax, as I find the powder too pale and too heavy. I think the colour would work better for fairer hair. The wax is perfect though – keeps the brows in shape,  with a bit of colour definition, without clogging them up. I only wish the wax came as a separate product.
The BADgal lash mascara in black is brilliant. I really like thick, bushy mascara wands and this one is just that – it really grabs hold of mascara without clumping, and it’s super easy to apply. The wand brush is actually really soft, and doesn’t irritate my eyes or cause any watering . The mascara hasn’t gone thick or gloopy and I really do think it’s a great product that lasts well – definitely worth the £16.50.
So if the eyes have it, then get grooming. Benefit is definitely your one-stop-shop to finding your perfect lash vs brow combination. Now we just need them to do an individual false lash kit!
Above: my before and after shots following application of Benefit’s Brow Zings (£22.50) and BADgal Lash Mascara (£16.50). Please excuse the slight difference in lighting, as it took me ten minutes to apply! I do think my brows look more defined, stronger, and the mascara lengthens and darkens my lashes, thus enhancing my eyes! What do you think?
ps. You even get a tiny, ickle little pair of tweezers with Brow Zings – so there’s no excuse for untidy brows!
With thanks to Benefit.

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