Beauty Busters: Aussie

I am a huge fan of the Aussie hair care line. I have used the products since I was about 20 years old (almost ten years ago!) and my hair loves the products as much as I do; if I use anything else (except John Frieda Brilliant Brunette) my hair goes haywire. Cray-zee.
So, here are two of my favourites: the Mega Shampoo and the 3 Minute Miracle conditioner for colour treated hair. (Ssh, don’t tell).
The Mega shampoo is a great basic product for cleaning your hair without leaving greasy build up. Despite this, Mega somehow manages to boost volume so that my hair doesn’t go limp and lank after a few hours of washing. This shampoo means I only have to wash my hair every other day (which is perhaps to do with the uplifting Australian Kangaroo Paw flower) and it feels healthy and soft, without flyaways.
As for the 3 Minute Miracle conditioner, it’s a Godsend. It really does nourish my hair (I use it like a mask, twice a week) thanks to the Australian Wild Peach which deep conditions and replenishes coloured hair. My hair is coloured every couple of months and I find that 3 Minute Miracle revitalises the colour and condition during those couple of weeks before my next colour appointment. This is a must-have product in my shower and I honestly wouldn’t be without it. I even buy the sachets and have a stash of them for travel and overnight stays. If you haven’t tried 3 Minute Miracle, I suggest you do! It also comes in a frizz remedy version for unruly hair or curls.
The thing with Aussie products is that they smell so good and they actually work – at a price that everyone can afford. Aussie is definitely one of my favourite hair care brands.


Dear Aussie,
Please reintroduce your Curing Muddy conditioner. My Mum and I used it all the time before it was discontinued and we miss it.
Curing Muddy Enthusiasts x

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