Beauty Busters: Arbonne RE9 Advanced

I was recently contacted about Arbonne, the international skincare brand which was developed in Switzerland in 1975. Arbonne is sold across the globe by Independent Consultants who promote and sell the luxurious products (based on botanical principals) and were developed by Petter Morck and his team of leading biologists, bio-chemists and herbalists.
One of Arbonne’s lovely Independent Consultants contacted me, inviting me to review the Arbonne products. Having heard of the brand but never actually tried any of the products, I was delighted to accept her offer and was excited to get started once I received the samples. Helen sent me the RE9 Advanced collection, which claims to give visible results in 24 hours – and I have to say that I really did see a difference in my skin the morning after my first application.
I started the routine one night before bed. I began with the Smoothing Facial Cleanser which I applied with a drop of water, lathering it up over my cheeks and forehead. It smelled of oranges and left my skin feeling clean, while the second step (Regenerating Toner) opened my pores up, ready for the Intensive Renewal Serum which I think is the “magic ingredient” of my Arbonne experience. The scent of oranges was still present in the serum, but there was an underlying note of something a bit more clinical. My skin responded well to the serum after application of the cleanser and toner, as though the first two steps were preparation work to allow the third step (serum) to really access my skin below the surface. A wee drop of the Corrective Eye Creme, followed by an application of the Night Repair Creme, left my skin feeling soft and well moisturised. 
As someone whose usual beauty regime is to cleanse and moisturise, I was a bit daunted by carrying out the somewhat lengthy regime the next morning. However, when I woke up and dragged myself to the bathroom, I was surprised to see that my skin already looked clearer and brighter and I instantly felt committed to the Arbonne routine – if it had that effect in just one application, I was excited to see what results would be like in a few more days. I kept up this same routine day and night (changing the night cream for the Restorative Day Creme) for a week to find that the time invested in my skincare regime was worthwhile – my skin feels soft and clean but it’s deeper than that, like I’ve done more groundwork than usual as opposed to just surface work; it’s as though my skin looks better from underneath!
I can’t say that I will continue with the full Arbonne RE9 Advanced experience however, the one product I will buy in future is the Intensive Renewal Serum, and, if you are someone who takes skin care seriously or are worried about the effects of ageing, I would highly recommend you buy all of the products mentioned in this review.
If you are interested in the Arbonne products and live in the Dundee/Fife area, then contact Helen. If you would like her details, email me at [email protected]. If you are not in Dundee or Fife, I’m sure she can help with information about Independent Consultants in your area. 

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