Ballet Lesson

I need a new pair of ballet pumps. Mine are black, from Office. They’re great – they fit my funny upwards pointing big toe, they’re comfortable, they go with most outfits, they allow power walking when necessary. But they are ruined. They aren’t leather, and the sole is quite flimsy – but what do you expect for twenty quid? They’ve been worn to death. Literally. 
There are holes in the bottom and along the sides, and the sole has peeled away from the toe, so every once in a while I flap at foot-level seagulls or small dogs. I walk to work and end up jumping from foot to foot because tiny, sharp pebbles have bounced in through the holes and stab my feet. (I can only imagine what the people walking behind me are thinking). If it’s wet (which it currently is, too often for my liking) my feet get soaked and I squidge around the office for the rest of the day while the girls throw glances in my direction, clearly thinking, “Has she still not replaced those God awful pumps yet?”
No ladies, I haven’t! I must! I will!
Thing is, perhaps I should buy a more durable pair, since I wear them almost every day (and carry them in my bag when wearing heels). I’ve worn them so often that I’ve actually worn them to shreds, and I think the lesson her is that I need to buy ballet pumps with more stamina. Yes, I think this would be what you call an “investment purchase”.
So, to Pretty Ballerinas I go!

Pretty Ballerinas specialises in beautiful ballet pumps and flats. They launched their online boutique ( in 2005 and the site was an over night success – demand was so huge they felt it was time to open stores in the UK. Pretty Ballerinas now have 6 stores in the UK. With a wide selection of style, fits and colours there truly is something for everyone, and celebrity fans include Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Fearne Cotton. 
Above: pumps by Pretty Ballerinas, prices range between £99 – £300.

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