Trends may come and go

I love fashion. As superficial as that may seem, I’m not ashamed of it. Yes, I love to shop and, for the most part, I take pride in my appearance – but what I really love about clothes is their ability to tell a story. Of course, I adore the glamour of the glossies; the tales told by stylists, models and photographers through creative use of fashion and location make me smile, sometimes the editorials even make my toes curl in delight. Similarly, it’s why I love fashion blogs* and enjoy the occasional style post myself.

But the thing I love most about clothes is that they can transform the wearer into a better or different version of themselves, or, indeed, an altogether new person. It’s good fun, and sometimes we just need to escape the trials and tribulations of life – fashion is a wonderful way in which to do this, and there’s nothing shallow about that. It’s a form of escapism, from the unique teenager struggling with a battle against bullies to the middle aged woman wondering if she’s done everything she should have with her life. Likewise, I enjoy the times that clothes reflect; the shoes worn on a wedding day, the sunglasses that were purchased on a trip of a lifetime, the vintage coat that has seen the glamour of the Fifties, had fun in the Seventies, and which is still standing the test of time today despite our obsession with disposable fashion. Like photographs and fragrances, clothes create living memories.

At this very special time in my life, a trend has emerged that couldn’t have been better timed: athleisure. I’m not one to follow trends in their entirety – I’d rather add details that fit with my own style and figure – but the current trend for all things sports related is completely appropriate for me right now.

Since January, when NCM arrived, I have worn nothing but leggings, yoga trousers, oversize t-shirts, vests, and hoodies. Perhaps there has been the occasional pair of jeans here and there, but my staples have consisted of all black or monochrome activewear. Why? Well, it turns out that having a baby means you’re a) not comfy in anything but stretch, b) too busy to have to think about what to wear, and c) always on the go and so need to be able to get shit done without restriction.

And so, as you can imagine, the athleisure trend has been a wonderful excuse to wear leggings longer than might have been forgivable, and it has allowed me not to let my thoughts linger too long on the white jeans that now create a muffin top or the bra that still doesn’t quite contain my boobs.

This trend may well not be the most romantic, nor the most exciting, but it’s certainly the most practical. Turns out, it’s one that I will always, for ever, remember most fondly.

I’m Wearing: hoody, Adidas at Next; trousers, TK MAXX; trainers, Nike; sunglasses, IOLLA.

Images: Kris Miller.

Location: Ellieslea Road, Dundee.

*My favourite fashion blogs include Bryan Boy, Be Frassy, A Girl A Style, Fashion Foie Gras, The Rollinson London, Lafotka, ThankFifi, Florals and Corals, Style Lobster, The Elgin Avenue, Coco’s Tea Party, Gary Pepper Girl, Harper & Harley, Kate Waterhouse and, most recently bookmarked is Lydia Millen.


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