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I met Anna Bromilow (top right), Fashion Stylist and Founder of, when I did work experience in the fashion department at Tatler in London. That was 2006 and she was probably my biggest real-girl-crush ever. Anna, now 38, was this tall, slender, brunette with an innate sense of style, but what I remember most about her was that she was nice. It was she who taught me – discreetly – that you pronounce the ‘c’ in Moschino, when so many others might have sniggered. She left a lasting impression on me after only a few days spent in her company, and I am beyond delighted to interview her for my career women segment. I hope you fall a little bit in love too. 

Where are you from? London (Hampstead)

Where do you live? London (West Hampstead) – I’ve really moved on haven’t I?

What did you want to be when growing up? An actress. I really was quite desperate to be famous and perform and slightly thought what’s the point in life if no one knows who you are? But after turning down a part in a John Boorman film that required nudity (as a young teenager) I think I realised that maybe I wasn’t quite desperate enough… My mother used to dress me in the most incredible outfits that she made me as a little girl and as a result I had always had a total love affair with clothes. I discovered Vogue aged 11 and became obsessed with the magazine, running to the newsagents for my copy every month. It became my mission to work at Conde Nast, to become part of this exciting, glamorous world and the creator of these stylised, beautiful editorials.

What does your job involve? Well since launching LITTLECIRCLE with my business partner Lisa Picardo, my job involves pretty much a 360 handle on business and fashion. To describe LITTLECIRCLE, think Matches for kids. We deal with all aspects of the business together but do divide and conquer in some areas according to our natural fields (Lisa was previously in Private Equity at Morgan Stanley). Dealing with press, social media, sourcing new designers, putting together editorial shoots for our campaign, events, forging collaborations….honestly the list is endless. Thrilling but endless.

Elle Macpherson is an ongoing private client so when she is back in town, I am trawling through lookbooks, finding new designs for her, meeting for fittings.

What does your average working day look like? There’s never really an average day! We have two different office sites that we work from, and we’re often on the move with meetings in town, or working on pop ups and events or shoots. We keep things pretty fluid, as is often the case with modern business!

Best thing about your work? Definitely my business partner.

Worst thing about your work? Working into the early hours.
Desk essentials? Normally a candle, either Voluspa or By Appointment Only, Elle Macpherson’s Super Elixir, Lucas Papaw Treatment for the lips, photographs of my family and mood boards, and my phone.

What has been your career highlight so far? Knowing and working with Issy Blow. By far the most poignant, funny memories were with her. Becoming Fashion Director at Tatler was absolutely thrilling. Styling Elle has always been a joy. And of course, launching LITTLECIRCLE. It felt bold and exciting and our opening party was just a none stop high. Great memories.

How have things changed since you started out? Massively. In terms of technology for starters. We used to work via fax! It was pretty methodical but all achingly slow. I am now all about the fusion of technology and fashion. LITTLECIRCLE is a slick modern online retail space. AND there was no such thing as a blogger or IGers! It wasn’t about the selfie it was about projecting a vision. It was all a bit more anonymous….only real visionaries like Issy became fashion icons.

Who or what is your inspiration/motivation? It always has to be people close to home for me. My mother was an incredible woman who had such empathy, a strict moral compass and loved us more than life itself. An incredible role model whose voice always guides me with my parenting and life in general. My husband too, for always loving a party and encouraging me to shake of my worries. He is my ultimate wingman. And of course my children for being the lights of my life.

Best piece of professional advice you’ve received? Turn off your computer, drop everything and go and seek inspiration. To be creative you need to let go.

Top tip for getting into the industry? Never underestimate charm and manners. My first boss always wrote thank you letter for everything and that rubbed off. It’s a wonderful but cruel industry and kindness goes a long way.

Something we don’t know about you? I love karaoke and think Baddiewinkle is incredible.

Quick-Fire Round

Paper or Digital: So hard! Digital for commerce, paper for art.
Tea or Coffee: Tea (Earl Grey or Ginger tea my friend sends me from Asia)
Heels or Flats: Flats
Save or Spend: SPEND (unfortunately)
Day or Night: Night (every time)
Beach or Snow: Beach (though we go skiing every year)
Phone or Email: Email
Dogs or Cats: Probably dogs though I have never owned either.
Sweet or Savoury: Sweet
Champagne or Cocktails: Champagne

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