America’s Next Top Model – Season 14!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy a bit of “trash” TV to chill out after a long day at work. And if you’re really anything like me, you’re probably super excited that the new season (14 – can you believe it?!) of America’s Next Top Model started on Living TV last night. I love the show (even more so than the slightly cheaper looking British version – is that wrong of me?) and I can’t wait for Mr Man to go to football tomorrow night so I can watch the first episode on my Sky+ planner.
What I’m particularly excited for this season is the new judge, Andre Leon Talley. A character larger than life, Talley is a fashionista come diva if ever I saw one, and he will fit in perfectly on Tyra’s judging panel. The panel are often filmed having a good giggle (usually instigated by Ms Banks, I think) and I can image ALT will only fuel their laughter. An ex-Editor-at-Large for Vogue (US), Talley knows a thing or two about fashion. He’s also been caught on film in The Hills (remember when Whitney fell down the stairs on TV), The September Issue (tennis in Louis Vuitton anyone?) and in Sex and the City: The Movie (behind the Vogue scenes of Carrie’s The Last Single Girl shoot). I for one cannot wait to see him in action on a weekly basis.
And of course there’s the lovely Tyra, with her supermodel worthy body once again. However, she’s also supermodel beautiful at any size. Old faithful, Nigel is judging again – we love him because he’s been so loyal.
Of course, there’s double trouble – Creative Director, Jay Manuel who does constructive criticism with a side of bitch expertly, and Miss J Alexander – catwalk diva extraordinaire – fabulous.
Having not seen the first episode yet, I’ve only seen photographs of the contestants and I love the strong look of Raina, who’s group shot pose is fiiiierce!
I’m interested to see how all the contestants get on, see how Raina does, and watch the judges do their thing, so I’ll be tuning in religiously for the next few weeks. Much to Mr Man’s disappointment, I’m sure.

Above: Andre Leon Talley and Tyra Banks.

Above: the fabulous Andre Leon Talley.

Above: my favourite contestant shot, Raina.

Above: The Judging Panel from left to right – ALT, Tyra, Nigel, Jay.

Above: hilarity and drama courtesy of the panel.

Above: double trouble – Miss J Alexander and Jay Manuel.

Above: ALT and Tyra get to work.
All images courtesy of and Living TV.

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