A Walk On The Wild Side

Last Thursday I was in London and went to see The Lion King (amaaaazing; go see it if you haven’t already) and once I got over the initial goosebump inducing effect of the opening scene, I soon noticed and realised that the costumes were inspiring to say the least. The thought and detail that went into the different animal costumes was obvious from the beginning. Rafiki (played by Brown Lindiwe Mkhize) was dressed in tribal inspired colours and accessories, while the baboon’s rear end was a bright combination of sunflower yellow and earthen red. The lionesses’ costumes were skin tight bodysuits the colour of sun-kissed bracken, with billowing golden silk capes, while the hyenas had dove grey coats with black, barely definable spots and a shot of black fur running from the nape of their necks right over the hump of their spine, running all the way down their backs. The star of the show, Simba, was as raw as they come: his costume consisted of a burnt orange pant, a printed scarf-come-belt and a bare chest topped off with a huge blonde mane.
It was clear that The Lion King was a hit from the opening scene – the cast and crew had the ability to make the hundreds of pairs of eyes well up from the word go (although The Circle of Life surely had a major influence here) and the creativity and story-telling was incredibly touching, stirring emotions with a magical potion of African essence and the kind of innocence that can only be found in the natural order that is the animal kingdom.
I’ve never been a fan of animal prints, zebra stripes or cheetah spots; the most wild thing I’ve worn is a snakeskin Jimmy Choo. However, The Lion King has inspired me to consider a walk on the wild side – I can’t wait to get my paws on some animal prints, furs, feathers and plumes. Surely such a pride of trends are the most natural of trends within the short circle of fashion life?

Above: before The Lion King experience.

Above: Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo Leopard Pump (probably the most chic way to walk on the wild side).
Image of YSL leopard Tribtoo platform pump courtesy of Harvey Nichols. 
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