A toast to friendship

What is it about the sunshine that makes a glass of wine with friends taste even better? One of my most anticipated moments of the start of summer is being able to sit outside and share a chilled bottle of wine with girls who just get me. We’re different, but the same too, and that makes the trials of everyday life feel that little bit easier to manage. Of course, the wine helps.

When Beronia asked me to work with them, it felt like a great opportunity to highlight the value in sharing a bottle of wine with friends and – obviously – to tell you about their wines. Since it was such a gorgeous day, we chose the white and the rose to enjoy with a charcuterie board in the garden. Heaven!

Beronia was born in the 70s in La Rioja, Spain by a group of friends who shared a love of gastronomy, and now their wines are enjoyed by other friends across the world. My personal favourites are the white and pink, which surprised me because I’ve never found a rose I liked – despite having experienced personal tasting sessions in the South of France. (That’s not meant to sound boastful, rather to express how against rose I was before discovering Beronia.)

Other things to love about them is that they’re eco-conscious. Their wineries promote sustainable architecture and agriculture to lower the impact on the environment, and they really value the region’s traditions and history while recognising the future by using advanced, modern practices to make the very best wines the land can produce.

It’s a lovely thing, pouring that first glass of ice-cold wine at the end of a long day, and it’s safe to say Beronia is now a firm favourite.

What’s your favourite – red, white or pink?

I have a paid partnership with Beronia over on Instagram – I was not obliged to write or share this blog post as part of that project, but I loved the white and rose wine so much I wanted to share it here too. Thank you for your support.


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