Safety Belt


Don’t you just love when you find the perfect addition to your wardrobe? I was in desperate need of a pair of simple black court shoes with a strap over the foot so that, when I wear them with tights, they don’t come flying off. I’m not kidding – I once had this amazing pair of black patent court shoes but when I wore them with opaques they would slip off my foot, leaving me shoeless. Honestly! I used to work in a high rise building (too high up to take the stairs all the time) and this one time, I lifted my fabulously clad foot so quickly that my shoe shot off, ninja style, and landed inside the lift before me. So not fabulous. All I can say is thank goodness the doors didn’t close and take my shoes up to the heavens without me. So not chic.

That lesson was learned quickly though: now I only buy black courts for work if they have a strap. I think of it as a sartorial seat belt, for the feet. So, when I saw these little beauties by Miss KG in the Debenhams sale last month, I snapped them up. I’ve worn them loads since then (even to meet Mario from TOWIE) and they have received lots of compliments. Even the cat loves them.





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