A Random Tuesday Night: Mongolian Beef, Rhod Gilbert with a famous cat and a Major AW10 Trend

Last night Mr Man and I went out for dinner before going to see Rhod Gilbert (and the cat that looked like Nicholas Lyndhurst – very funny, as was his support, Lloyd Langford). Anyway, we went to the Mandarin Garden in South Tay Street, one of our favourite places to eat. Mostly, we go because of the Mongolian beef (and the Tom Yum) but also because the staff are so polite and so friendly and helpful and overall just lovely. So we ate and then walked through the city, my arm linked into his à la Wills and his Princess-to-be (let me tell you, I do a great impression of a princess) while we chatted about nothing and everything. I’m glad I wore my new faux fur coat last night because it was beyond freezing. Needless to say though, my concern with the temperature didn’t reach my toes: I wore my silver D’Orsay shoes because I wanted to, and the weather wasn’t going to stop me.

Above: Faux fur coat, Oasis; black jeggings, M&S; silver D’Orsay shoes, Faith; bag, Mulberry; more proof of my magpie tendencies – alice-band, Accessorize.

I feel I ought to give my gorgeous and generous Mum a big thank you on this post – she’s giving me the faux fur as a Christmas gift, but being a good mummy she let me have it early because she doesn’t want me to catch a chill.
The silver D’Orsays were originally purchased for my best friend Nicki’s wedding in 2008. I had to peel the crystal detailing off because it was catching on my bridesmaid dress. (A trippy bridesmaid is never a good look!). Afterwards, although I loved the simplicity of the plain silver, I sewed the crystals back on because I’m such a magpie and just couldn’t resist the sparkles. I know that made Nicki proud because she too is a self-confessed magpie.

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  1. b.lindsay 28th November 2010 / 21:25

    You are most welcome, it looks wonderful as does The Mulberry!

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