A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The recent photographs of Keira Knightley on her wedding day have had me daydreaming about my own wedding to my wonderful husband, which was almost a whole year ago. (I can’t quite believe it). The image of Keira and her groom was such a pretty one in which she looks free and happy and in love – it reminded me of my own day, which really was the happiest of my life. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine that responsibilities bring, but Keira’s picture took me back to my own special day: I felt completely elated and can remember smiling all day long. I have felt that way ever since, despite being distracted by work and chores and exercise and all the stuff that makes us forget how lucky we are and that makes us complain about trivial matters.
The picture of Keira Knightley and her groom oozes happiness; it tells a story. The vibe from that one snapshot suggests that their wedding was about them as a couple, and that their focus was on each other and sharing their special day with family and friends. I’m glad that it brought back memories of my wedding day, which was also filled with happiness and love, amplified by the relaxed, informal nature of our day.
Other relaxed brides whose weddings made my heart melt: Kate Moss and Lily Aldridge. 
So simple, so pretty, so happy.


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