A Love Story

Yesterday was the Royal Wedding and it was a wonderful day. I went to my Aunt’s house with my Mum and the three of us watched the coverage together, sipping champagne. 
Of course, Princess Catherine was a vision; beautiful, radiant and happy. Her smile was dazzling and showed genuine happiness and at times, bewilderment – that “Wow” moment when she came out on the balcony with Prince William is priceless. 
Not only did our new Princess look every bit the part of her new title (Sarah Burton for McQueen, unsurprisingly, created a stunning dress of historic proportions), she looked to be thoroughly enjoying every single minute, from the car ride to the Abbey, to walking up the aisle with her father, to standing beside her new husband, to leaving in the coach before the sweetheart balcony kiss. Romeo and Juliet, eat your heart out!
My favourite part of the day was when Prince William took his bride’s hand to lead her back into Buckingham Palace from the balcony, and the crowd cheered even more loudly in celebration. The beautiful bride turned back in amazement (and glee) at the supportive roar from the crowd, eyes wide, smile beaming. That image will remain as my Royal Wedding memory, in my mind, forever.
My DIY hat in honour of the big day!

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