A Little Old Hollywood Glamour Courtesy of Nicole Farhi

So at the Nicole Farhi event last week, I treated myself to a pair of sunglasses from her new range. The inspiration behind the Farhi sunglasses line is iconic actresses of the Sixties, including Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn so you can imagine that the look is one of glamour, old school style.
It seems to me that there aren’t many special actresses/celebrities anymore. It used to be that you had something special about you, a twinkle that grew into a shining star but now all it takes is a boob job and a famous boyfriend and hey presto, you’re a celebrity. 
Anyway, other than a handful of today’s actresses, I agree with Farhi that the actresses of yesteryear had style and charisma in bucketloads and if I can channel this through a pair of beautiful sunglasses, I will! 
The pair I treated to are charcoal in colour and have a cats eye corner with tortoiseshell detail – they are the Sophia and if there’s one actress I love it’s Sophia Loren.

If you fancy channelling one of the iconic actresses that inspired Nicole Farhi’s sunglasses line, click here – but click fast, because unsurprisingly, they are selling out fast.

I tried to make my hair look a bit Sixties/Old Hollywood Glamour – not quite sure if it worked, but there’s no denying that the sunglasses are super glam!
Will you be buying a pair?

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