A Girl’s Best Friends

I have the best friends a girl could ask for. Not only are they kind, thoughtful and fun, they’re very special girls. Clare is the softy, who loves to see people happy and gets over excited and over emotional rather easily. She’s a darling, and loves to do shots. Candice is the funny one, the flirty one, the fabulous one! She’s always flicking her hair or her lashes, encouraging us to drink copius amounts of Champagne and is my shopping partner in crime. Nic (the sister I never had) is the sensible one who keeps us all in check – while feeding us yummy food and even yummier wine – and she will listen to our problems before offering us sincere and good advice. She also fixes things – missing buttons, broken jewellery, customising oufits, etc, etc. Also, each of them likes a good girls’ night out and will have your back no matter what
Together, they are perfect, and this is why they are my bridesmaids.
Together they are treating me to Jimmy Choos for my wedding day. Could they be more amazing?
Left to right: Clare, Moi, Candice, Nicki
A selection of the Jimmy Choo Bridal Collection.
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  1. Anonymous 2nd March 2012 / 19:34

    Aww sweetie! U r the beautiful, sweet, crazy, affectionate one who flies into life at full speed, dreams big and strives to make those dreams come true. Love u babes. Ur going to be THE most beautiful bride. Xxx

  2. Anonymous 2nd March 2012 / 19:36

    Love nic, by the way xxx

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