A Gift for Jake: Mungo & Maud

I first heard of Mungo & Maud when I read a feature in Vogue years ago. Being a dog person, I remember being instantly taken by the images of the shop front, the proprietors standing in the doorway of what looked to be a very chic shop, considering it was a) a dog shop and b) before the real emergence of the spoiled pooch trend.

Mungo & Maud was always in the back of my mind, for years after reading the Vogue article. Finally, while I was Editor at the wedding magazine, there was an opportunity to work with the sophisticated dog and cat outfitters. We featured a real life wedding in which the bride and groom’s dog was heavily involved, so Mungo & Maud was perfect for the ‘get the look’ style page – I suggested one of the collars to fit with the luxurious but elegant wedding style, so got in touch with the brand to request an image. After a few chatty emails, the PR learned about Jake and insisted on sending him a gift. 

Not too long afterwards, a little package arrived for Jake. We opened it together (me unwrapping, him sniffing) and discovered a tiny little tag wrapped up neatly in a tiny drawstring bag. Before long I was squealing at Jake, “Look at this Jacob, a silver tag just for you!” and my excitement was obviously infectious because all of a sudden he was scattering around on the wooden floor, knowing something good must be happening but nothing good ever quite happening to him. 
The next weekend we took a trip to St Andrews and picked him up a fancy new red collar and matching lead, to make sure he looked super smart when wearing his Mungo & Maud tag, which has a heart shaped paw print on one side and a lovely inscription on the other. Of course, such a special accessory required a special setting for his photo shoot, so where better than Blenheim Palace?

With thanks to Mungo & Maud for Jake’s gift. He loves it.

Images: Kris Miller. Follow him on Twittter and Instagram @Kris_Miller_


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  1. b.lindsay 12th November 2014 / 20:27

    He is SO handsome in his posh tag!

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