A Fresh Start?

Please don’t bitch slap me, but I don’t particularly like Alexa Chung’s style. Everyone but me seems to love her boyish charm, but not me. I’m just not convinced. It’s not that I dislike Alexa herself (obvi, I don’t know her!) because I’m sure she’s lovely and despite her samey, toothless and slightly false smile, something about her makes me think she’d actually be good fun to have as a friend. And it’s not that I’m judging her sartorial choices because I love to see different people with different ideas of dressing. It’s simply that I don’t feel that she brings anything new to the fashion table and perhaps because everyone gushes over her for being fashion-forward and unique, my indifference has turned into irritation.
That said, I adore this printed jumpsuit and red platform combo she worked at New York Fashion Week last month. I think Alexa looks fresh and interesting, a bit sexy with her tiny nipped-in waist, and somewhat sophisticated in an old-school, polished sense. The navy fox-print jumpsuit teamed with the bright red shoes make a nice change to her usual uniform of denim shorts/khaki baggy shirt/black drainpipes and suggest that actually, Alexa does know how to create an individual and kooky ensemble.
If she keeps up with a little extra effort, I think I might look forward to seeing even more of Alexa Chung. I might even become a fan.


Above: Alexa Chung at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Fall 2011, Lincoln Center, New York.

Image Credit: Michael Bucknell / Getty Images, courtesy of Image.net.

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