Warning: This blog post comes with high risk of credit card burn-out!

The lovely Holly at Freya sent me this gorgeous lingerie by Freya because she knows that Freya is my absolute favourite lingerie brand for every day wear, and I can’t thank her enough for her generosity – and her brilliant taste!
The reason I love Freya lingerie is simple: it’s the first place I go to for lingerie because I know I’ll find something that fits like a glove but also looks amazing, whether a simple t-shirt bra or a seductive lace balconette.
Let me list why I love Freya:
1. Freya collections are always brilliant quality – once you find your size, they fit well and provide great support for your puppies/bangers/breasticles.
2. The range is affordable, with bras starting from around £25 and knickers at around £12. For those lucky enough to have smaller cup sizes, you might think this expensive. That’s because you don’t know how lucky you are to fit into cheap lingerie! Larger cup sizes simply can’t buy cheap lingerie because the money isn’t invested in the development of the underwear, and when buying big, you need quality and good craftsmanship. So, on average, Freya is really well priced – a treat for smaller busts and reasonable for bigger busts.
3. Freya comes up trumps in the fit. Find your size by trying on a range of back and cup sizes around the size you think you are until you find the perfect combination. So many women wear the wrong size bra, so if in doubt just ask a pro to measure you and then try on this size and similar to find your perfect fit. (Bravissimo staff know their stuff and won’t make you feel awkward or embarrassed). Remember that different styles also mean you might be different sizes e.g. a plunge bra might be a slightly different size to a full cup, etc. Freya bras really do feel great once you find your perfect style and size, so much so that you don’t feel any underwires or straps digging in and that’s exactly how a good bra should feel. This can be more difficult for larger busts, and Freya caters to that need, but this is also important for smaller sizes.
4. Freya create lingerie that is practical, but pretty too. Finding pretty lingerie that actually fits can be especially difficult for larger sizes, because all too often bigger cups come in dull, boring styles. Even Freya’s every day, seamless styles are attractive; the cut of the cup, the underwire band and the material make all the difference so even a t-shirt bra will make you feel good. Freya do a range of sensational matching sets which come in all colours of the rainbow – so you’ll quickly find something for that hot date too!
5. Freya does a huge range of different styles, for every occasion: gorgeous daywear, sexy evening wear and practical strapless as well as multi-way styles for those awkward but alluring backless dresses and strapless tops.
Freya is basically a one-stop shop for any type of lingerie, from women who wear a C cup to a K cup. It’s simply perfect from every lingerie angle – the style, the fit, the price and the selection. There are new styles every season and Freya even does a swimwear line so you can find your perfect summer bathing suit too! And guess what? The Freya swimwear collection has just as much choice as the lingerie collection does – just like a kid in a sweetie shop, you’ll be spoiled for choice.




Arabella bra (from £30) and brief (from £1450), available from Freya at www.freyalingerie.com and at Bravissimo stores nationwide.


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