Winter Sun

I am a self diagnosed SAD sufferer, so you can imagine my absolute joy at being treated to an all inclusive (including cocktails, thank you) week in Fuerteventura courtesy of Mummy darling. Some real bonding time for the two of us, which will be nice considering most Meetings With Mother are a result of a) who is walking the dog b) I need a trim (she’s a hairdresser, not just a control freak) or c) a quick cuppa in passing on a Saturday afternoon. A week of reading by the pool, trips to the beach, good food and drink and mucho sunning (safely, of course) will give us some real quality time together. That is, after all, what life is all about – having fun and making memories. 
In the meantime, I have a holiday wardrobe to plan!

Luggage by Jasper Conran at Tripp, available at Debenhams from May 2011.
Image courtesy of PR Shots. 


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