Victoria, Victoria

Victoria Beckham recently launched the SS12 collection of her diffusion line Victoria, Victoria Beckham at Harvey Nichols in London with a red carpet appearance and dinner for some very special guests (style icon, Olivia Palermo, was in attendance wearing a blue dress from the SS12 collection). 
Beckham’s “little sister” line is more free spirited than the main line; think shorter hemlines, flirty details and fun silhouettes. Victoria, Victoria Beckham is more playful than Victoria Beckham the main line, and is available at a snip of the usual price – not that it affects the quality of her pieces.
With her own-name label, Victoria Beckham finally discovered her true talent; that she knows fashion and knows what makes women look good and thus knows how to produce clothes that continue to be received well by fashion press and customers alike. Whether or not Beckham enlists the assistance of a designer is not altogether important: I do believe that Beckham has the ideas and the designs (even if just in mind) that are the end result of what is a superb execution of delivering high quality, stylish clothes every season. 

Victoria Beckham at the launch of her SS12 Victoria, Victoria Beckham installation at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge. 
Images courtesy of Harvey Nichols, with thanks. 

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  1. My Passport To Style 20th February 2012 / 23:58

    I love the cat design and noticed it on the outside of one very famous building when I visited London, now that’s true kitty power! go Victoria. The women can do no wrong in my eyes thanks for sharing this installation. Sharon xx

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