The Daydreamer Goes To: Le Mathurin, Paris

Le Mathurin is a 4* boutique hotel situated in the prestigious La Madeleine district of Paris. For exploring Paris, it’s perfectly situated in the heart of the city; located near the Place de l’Opera, there are metro and bus stops just a block away which will take you anywhere and everywhere in central Paris (you… View Post

The Daydreamer Goes To: Paris

Last week I visited Paris with my mum. We arrived late on Wednesday afternoon for three nights, so we bought a five-day ticket for 35 EUROS each, giving us access across the city by train, tram or bus. We paid an extra 5 EUROS so that our tickets would take us as far as Versailles as a visit to the Palace of… View Post

La Mariniere

La mariniere, or the striped shirt, was obviously a must-have for my trip to Paris. This one I picked up at Debenhams, a few days before departure – you know when you’ve planned what to take, but there’s just something missing? La mariniere filled that gap and fitted well with my monochrome capsule wardrobe; the… View Post

Look 2, Valentino AW15

Look 2, Valentino AW15. I’m off to Paris today and wish that this was my arrival outfit, a la Carrie Bradshaw in the penultimate episode of Sex and the City. Hey, they don’t call me The Daydreamer for nothin’. View Post

The Daydreamer Goes To: Terre Blanche, Provence

The Daydreamer has been busy at the day job and with other exciting projects, but I’m back with the food post I promised you from Terre Blanche! The food at Terre Blanche was insanely good. On arrival, I discovered nuts and olives and a bottle of wine in my room – a tiny detail but… View Post